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Hay Group Shumen Ltd. is a local leader in the sourcing, distribution and installation of panels for solar heated water. Procuring our products directly from certified Chinese manufacturers allows us to guarantee our customers quality, reliability and lower prices. We continuously seek to develop new and maintain existing relationships with suppliers so we can offer a larger variety of product options such as thermosiphon systems both pressurized and non-pressurized, evacuated tube solar collectors, serpentine and tube boilers, thermopumps as well as components and accessories for the listed articles.
We work with companies and installation groups from all over the country as well as continuously search for new partnerships
The sun being an underused and almost inexhaustible source of energy it radiates every second over 1300W per sq. m.  of energy towards the Earth. This energy can be harvested by solar collectors and used for the heating of:

  • Water for domestic use
  • Local water heating
  • Water for hotels and restaurants
  • Water for industrial use
  • Heating water in pools

Solar cells greatly reduce energy costs for businesses that by default consume large amounts of water for their production processes and operations.

Benefits of the evacuated tube solar collectors:

  • Vacuum insulation of 10-5Pa in a single tube is the best natural insulation
  • The vacuum tubes are made from a borosilicate glass, 2,5mm thick which can withstand a hail of up to 35mm long
  • Does not require dusting or cleaning
  • The cylindrical shape of the absorber allows for  maximum utilization of sunlight during the whole day
  • More efficient than flat collectors
  • Absorbs sun radiation even in cloudy weather
  • Remains effective in Fall and Winter
  • Copper heat tubes allow for faster heat movement
  • Suitable for water under 6 atm of pressure
  • Anti-corrosive body from a silver and copper alloy
  • Embedded aluminium frame
  • Stainless steel box with mineral wadding insulation
  • Multiple collectors can be linked to increase output power


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