Non-pressurized solar panel systems

  Pressurized solar panel systems
  Solar collectors
  Boilers, Thermopumps


Vacuum Heat Pipe

Vacuum Heat Pipe, non-pressurized solar cell systems

Flexible stainless steel pipe - 1/2' ,3/4'

Non-pressurized thermosiphon system controller

  • Level and temperature sensor
  • Electromagnetic (Solenoid) Valve
  • Heating cable controller


Pressurized thermosiphon and collector system controller

  • Heating cable and heater control

Split system (Sun collector and electric boiler) controller


Split system control station – pump group control

Pump group – 52W, 98W

Circulation Pump WILO

Thermal sensor for pressurized systems

Thermal sensor socket

Thermal regulating valve

T/P valve – Temperature/ Pressure valve

Self-regulating heating cable – 17W/m – 220V

Hard water magnesium electrode

Non-pressurized system holder (Support)

Non-pressurized system holder (Support lower)

Non-pressurized system Silicone gasket

Heating element with thermostat, 1500W

Elbow 22mm/22mm


Elbow 22м -3/4''

Pipe Joint

22мм- 3/4
Pipe Joint 22мм/22мм
Split Pressurized Se  
Stainless Steel Seri  
Heat Pipe Series (CP  
Non-pressurized Seri  
Assistant tank